About Us

Anita Norris – Owner and Founder of ANM Inc.

Anita brings over 35 years of experience to the Modeling industry in her role at ANM Inc. Anita herself, started in front of the camera at age 15 when she was selected Canada’s Junior Top Model. The following year, she was selected as Miss Teen London and went on to compete in the Miss Teen Canada Pageant.

After several years she relocated to Toronto to pursue her modeling career on a fulltime basis. In 1990 Anita moved to Milan and spent the next five years modeling for many of the world’s top designers including, Gianni Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Pucci & Cerruti.

After the birth of her son Damon, Anita decided to switch her focus to the agent/management side of the industry. Partnered with her former husband, she founded and operated agency Ice Milan. Anita’s strengths have always been scouting and talent development, these skills brought her to New York in 2001 where she became the Director of Global Scouting for Wilhelmina.

In 2008 Anita came back home to Canada and opened ANM Inc in her home town of London Ontario. The agency’s initial focus was on scouting, model development and international placement. As ANM matured, they added a booking table to offer a full-service agency. As ANM grew, Anita felt it was important to provide her models with access to additional opportunities that could only be achieved by relocating her Agency to Toronto. In 2017, ANM established itself within the Toronto market and has grown aggressively ever since.

Anita has an impeccable eye for talent, is committed to development and has an extensive network of international contacts. She brings a passion and dedication to her models that is shared by a committed and energetic team of professionals at ANM.

ANM Management